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Let us arouse more than just your interest and appeal to your senses through beauty. Let us charm you with the sweet offerings of all that you desire. Let us have the pleasure of better acquainting you to our exclusive service offerings as well as what puts the VIP in Sandton VIP Companions: not only aesthetically pleasing but charismatic, charming and provocative young VIP Escorts in Johannesburg. Welcome to Sandton VIP Companions. Your host of the finest and most luxurious high end courtesans. With so many options available on the market today, why come to us? What sets us apart from the rest? The answer is very simple. You want the VIP Escort experience with all the exclusivity that you deserve, from venue, service, professionalism, discretion, and of course, the very reason you clicked on our website, to experience one of our very own seductresses, in the flesh. Come on treat yourself. Slip into something more "comfortable". You deserve it.

If you are craving those exotic foreign flavors, we've got something extra indulgent for you to savor. With her penetrating blue eyes. Those enticing full lips, and an absolute sex goddess all round, who wouldn't want to dine on this exquisite fine wine.
**Russian Model**
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Naughty by nature, the goddess of passion and erotica in the bedroom. This gorgeous little minx's favorite playtime is in the confines of her beautiful boudoir. Naughty but oh so nice, this frisky feline will throw all your inhibitions aside and show you an unforgettable time. She will blow your...... Mind
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If an erotic escape is what you are looking for, then let Heidi take you there. Playful, passionate, ravishing and risqué, Heidi offers the best of both worlds. This little lady exudes sex appeal and is sure to stimulate all your senses, she'll take you to Paradise and back. Our very own provocative playmate & VIP Escort.
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Our former Miss Playboy South Africa and very own Spanish Siren. Mythology states that a Siren is part woman part bird, who lures men by their seduction and beauty. We reveal that this is not a myth, and we invite you to see our very own Siren in the flesh. Our sultry seductress will leave you... breathless.
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You're looking for the ultimate sensual retreat, exclusive and discreet. Introducing our beautiful young Violet who would take great pleasure in showing you what Russian's are all about. She'll take you to places that will make you want to scream (and shout)
**Russian Model**
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Our brunette VIP Escort who makes the hunter become the hunted, as you fall prey to her and allow her to devour you, there is no escaping the fact that this is, the ultimate femme fatale. An attractive and seductive woman whose charms and dark captivating features will ensnare you!
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Our gorgeous Tatiana is fun, flirtatious and surpasses anything what describes a VIP escort. But beyond her lighthearted demeanour is an alluring temptress who will seduce you into her world of ultimate pleasure. Let this sultry seductress take you there. An hour with her and you might not want to leave.
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Stressed and in need of some female attention to erotic detail? Banish your stresses as she takes you away, satisfaction is her favorite forte. One little blonde bombshell is the perfect antidote and key to unlocking one extrasensory experience. Our very own alluring ally cat.
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Offering you a taste of the finest foreign delicacies, served just how you like it. Rare
Proudly exclusive to Sandton VIP Companions, we bring you the exquisite rarity, showcasing what the finest international courtesans are made of.
**Russian Model**
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With curves to die for, you won't want to miss exploring this lady's luscious physique. She keeps her body in top condition with a variety of physical activities, and she loves to indulge in sensual seduction that would be sure to leave you begging for more. The definition of femininity, Ava is the ultimate aphrodisiac.   
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Feel like being lured into the charms of this blonde beauty? You will not be able to resist her seduction for very long! A perfect playmate, sexy Sylvia quite the little tease, but better yet, her ultimate satisfaction is giving you exactly what you desire. Join her for that ultimate erotic evening escape!
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The blonde Bombshell of VIP Escorts and our very own sex kitten in the flesh! This bodacious beauty has a taste for the finer things in life, and she is always hungry for some of life's most intimate pleasures. Adriana oozes style and sophistication, and if you are not careful, she may become your secret addiction.
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You are entering into a private affair between yourself and a beautiful young lady, who willingly endeavors in providing an exclusive and upmarket full girlfriend experience with yourself. These VIP Escorts are exactly that, and do not cater to requests such as Greek, fetishes and so forth. French kissing is at the discretion of the girl herself. For special requests such as dress up, role play and specific lingerie preferences, please feel free to let us know and we will do our best to ensure your requirements have been met by the VIP Escort you have chosen.

The Girlfriend Experience

Blurring the boundaries between a financial transaction and a romantic relationship where both the VIP escort and the client are willing to engage in reciprocal pleasure and/or emotional intimacy.

Dress up / Role Play

Acting out a fantasy while engaging in intimate activities. Each person takes on a character role. This may include dressing up for the roles, using props, and/or creating or finding the right setting.

Quality, Discretion & Availability

We searched long and hard to bring you the best high class VIP Escorts. Your discretion is our priority. Our girls can be available within 2 hours notice within reasonable hours of the day.

Couple Bookings

Looking to spice things up/add some flare with your partner? Our VIP Escorts cater for couple bookings. Please enquire with us on our couple booking rates. Click here to contact us